Sunday, June 10, 2012

Uganda vs. Senegal

What a weekend! On Friday the other interns and I took a taxi from Masaka to the capital city of Kampala to watch Uganda play Senegal in my first Futbol match! It was my first experience in a taxi park and it was SO crazy! As soon as you walk in everyone is yelling at you to pick their taxi over the next guys, it was definitely an overwhelming experience to say the least.  As soon as we got to the hostel we walked to pick up our tickets then came back from yummy non-Ugandan food. Ciara had a bit of an incident that should not be mentioned on this blog, but at least she walked away with a battle wound.
We got to Mandela National Stadium at 11am and the game didn’t start until 4pm.  We had so much time in between but that didn’t even matter because everyone had such high energy and so excited to see us mzungus fully dressed in Uganda Cranes gear.  People would run up to us and say, “Mzungu! Take a picture with me!” There was a live band playing for a couple hours before the game and when I tell you that Ugandan men can dance, they can DANCE! They don’t hold anything back when they shake their butts! I also tried the goat on a stick for 1,000 shillings each. It was surprisingly so tasty but tasted just as I would imagine goat to taste, which was a little weird.  Everyone seemed to be in an amazing mood and happy to represent their country.  I was grateful to be apart of it. The final score was 1-1 which all the fans seemed to be pleased with. GO CRANES!

I wish this post could be longer but it’s late here in Uganda so I hope that the pictures could speak more to the experience.

Love, Mal