Saturday, June 30, 2012

Training Day #2! [Project Progress Report]

She left school because of Sickle Cell Disease. She is always upbeat and so sweet, & brought me yummy avocados!

Learning how to use deworming tools

I just wanted to share photos and details about our last training session with the out of school youth.  I promised that I would keep you all in the loop!

Yesterday I went back to Basanje Parish to meet up the the youth and had the Vet give them more information on how to properly take care of their pig or hen.  Before the session started, the adult facilitators were late so me and Ciara, another USF Sarlo Scholar who came to see what my project was about, got to hang out with them before the training.  Three of the girls went climbing in the trees to grab us a bunch of fruit to munch on in the mean time.  Other one of the girls gave a gift of 3 avocados! I was so grateful for them :)  

During the training they learned about different vitamins, deworming methods, and how to know when your pig is in heat (they got a kick out of that topic)!  After the Vets lesson I passed out the Nails I purchased for them to use when they build their pigsties this week.  They were eager and excited to use them!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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