Friday, July 6, 2012

Piglets, Piglets, and MORE Piglets!!

The Runt :( Reminds me of Charlotte's Web
The man I'm buying the piglets from

I went back to Kabonera Sub-County to find the pigs that I would be purchasing for the youth! I'm so glad that we found them and was able to find local ones to help support the local pig rearers! 

Also, GREAT NEWS!!!  With all of your support and donations, the youth with no longer be sharing the pig with another youth, each one now gets their own!! They were elated when I told them the news!  I am now buying 20 pigs and 12 hens (for the Muslim youth).  They will also get a supply of food to help them with the beginning stages of their piggery project.

Again, thank you all so much! But the work is far from over, keep sharing this with friends so we can continue this project and even implement it with other Out of School Youth in Masaka!

Would you like to contribute to this project?

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Be sure to email me with any questions or you can comment below.

Thank you!

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