Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pineapples and More Pineapples!!

Today was such a fun day! It was the first Sunday I've stayed in Masaka without traveling.  In the morning I went to mass with my host sister who is home from her University in Kampala. Then after, my host mom took me, maggie, my host sister, her granddaughter, and my host brother to go visit her HUGE pineapple farm and to visit the village she grew up in.
Maggie and I were so excited to see the farm because we've never actually seen a pineapple grow - just in super markets.  My host mom warned us ahead of time to wear jeans and I'm so glad she did.  The actual pineapple plants are so big and sharp I would have been in so much pain if I wore one of my regular skirts.  As we were walking through I was so amazed at how many she had! 60,000 to be exact. While standing there it was hard not to take in everything I was looking at and look around at the beautiful landscape.  I've been here for 6 weeks now and I'm still in awe by Uganda's beauty.
When we done at the farm we went to visit her family members in the village.  They were so excited to see Maggie and I but even more excited to see my host mom's granddaughter because they haven't met her yet!  As usual everyone was so inviting and welcoming to us.  We wandered around their compounds and met some pigs and ate yummy berries (they called them strawberries) from the trees.

Today was such a great day and it was nice to step away from work and enjoy time with my new family :)


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