Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Departing Tomorrow!

Hi Friends!

This is the blog that I've just created to make sure that you all will be able to share this experience of Africa with me this summer.  I'm currently in my room & packing up all my stuff to head out to the airport tomorrow afternoon.  Now that I see everything in suitcases and a once full room become empty, its getting real guys!! I've been anticipating this trip since last fall when I found out that I was accepted to be apart of the Foundation of Sustainable Development to work in Uganda with a Non-Profit organization for 10 weeks over the summer.  I am SUPER excited but at the same time SUPER nervous about everything that I will see, feel, taste, and touch.  

I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures and posts that I share with you!  Next Stop - DUBAI! 


P.S. thank you Lara for the travel essentials! (instagram'ed picture above)

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