Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hi Guys!

Its been a week now since I've been in Uganda and I absolutely love it! Don't get me wrong, I've already gone through my stages of homesickness but when I look at whats around me that feeling completely goes away.
I live with a Host Family. The father, Mr. Tamale is such a smart man! He is a former teacher and a former  Councilor for the mayor.  He has already taught me so much about the history of Buganda and its kingdom.  It is so interesting to hear about it from someone who was actually here during the times of President Amin instead of reading it from a book.
My favorite part so far is walking around the village of Masaka and seeing all the children stop and stare at me since I'm a Mzungu! lol That means strange person or foreigner.  They wave and yell MZUNGUU BIIEEE!! Its so strange to be in a place where there is hardly any diversity and I'm such an outsider.
I would write more but internet is so slow and uploading these pictures took almost 2 hours. Ask me anything and I'll answer.

Siiba Bulungi!!



  1. I loveee the pictures! you look so happy and beautiful! cant wait for the next post :))))

  2. Mal! So excited for you. I'm happy to see you're embracing the language! Your pictures are absolutely amazing. Can't wait to hear more about your organization. And definitely try the jack fruit if you get a chance :)

  3. So proud of you Mal, keep taking advantage and soaking everything in (=